The Temple

Our ceremonial space is part of a greater space that also hosts our group meetings and other activities. This building is also fully screened and offers two bathrooms. The ceremonial space will host both Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies, and includes comfortable mats and pillows as well as individual purging buckets for each participant. The common area next to the ceremonial space offers beanbags for seating, a small kitchen for the preparation of the medicines for the diets and a library. This space will also host our dance/movement sessions and other group activities.

The huts

Each of our guests will be lodging in an individual hut. The huts, as well as the ceremonial space, are fully screened against mosquitos and other insects and animals. Each hut includes a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower. Because of the lack of electricity water for these facilities is to be manually drawn from large tanks of water inside the bathrooms. Each hut also has a high bed with its own mosquito net, a table and chair, a hammock, a beanbag and a solar lamp, as well as enough space for exercise or yoga.

By customary standards our ceremonial and lodging facilities are quite fancy yet simple and designed to induce a deep immersion into the jungle environment without the constant bother of mosquitos and other insects. Pictures will be posted as the process of reconstruction of the center unfolds.

The grounds

The grounds of the Ayaruna Center are fairly extensive and include open sky areas and three large man-made lagoons. Most interestingly they are hosts of the many medicinal plants we use for our ceremonies and diets.