We offer only healing retreats, a shared but deeply personal experience with a maximum of 7 participants. The invitation is to an exploration of our interior landscape and an acceptance and integration of all that we are and have been, through a process of plant medicine in an intimate retreat environment in the Sacred Valley of Peru, and under the experienced guidance of plant medicine maestro and author Javier Regueiro, who has led ceremonies and healing retreats of medicinal plants since 2006.

Intensive retreats and diets are designed to co-create a strong and intimate, container where healing and expansion can occur, and personalized support is offered all the time together.

Introductory lectures on these medicines and ceremonies are offered in advance Group integration sessions are held after each ceremony. Before each ceremony individual conversations are held in order to maximize the benefits of the process.

With the awareness that retreats and diets are particularly intense processes, our vision is to carry out these experiences in a supportive and personalized care environment.


Day 1: Without exception, you will be asked to be at the Pisac Inn in Pisac between 12 noon and 2 in the afternoon. Our first meeting on the grounds of the retreat is at 3 PM.
Day 2: Morning: official opening of the retreat, breathing exercise and guided meditation, and “despacho” (offering to the Earth and the mountains / Apus). Afternoon: introduction to San Pedro and individual meetings.
Day 3: San Pedro Ceremony.
Day 4: Morning integration meeting.
Day 5: Rest and individual meetings.
Day 6: Morning: introduction to Ayahuasca and individual meetings. Afternoon: Ayahuasca ceremony.
Day 7: Morning integration meeting.
Day 8: Rest and individual meetings.
Day 9: Morning: individual meetings. Afternoon: Ayahuasca ceremony.
Day 10: Morning integration meeting.
Day 11: Rest and individual meetings in the afternoon.
Day 12: San Pedro ceremony.
Day 13: Morning integration meeting and closing of the retreat. We close our retreat at 12 noon.
During the retreat there will be no visits to Pisac, other urban centers or archeological sites, but there are many options for walking everywhere. Rest days are intended for rest and also for the integration and deepening of the experience.


Participation in both ceremonies of Ayahuasca and San Pedro implies a certain degree of preparation, both physical and mental. A diet of freshly prepared foods without fermented ingredients that need refrigeration (such as yogurt, cheese and soy sauce), as well as abstinence from all alcohol, drugs and sex is important – the longer this preparation, the better, but in the case of retreats and diets such restrictions must be observed without exception for at least 2 weeks before and after.

Logistics of the Ayahuasca ceremonies

On the day of the ceremony the participants can eat until 9:30 AM and then fast for the rest of the day (water is allowed). At 1 pm there is an extensive talk about this medicine and the ceremony ahead and then the participants spend the rest of the day calm. The ceremony begins at 5:30 pm and lasts 4 to 5 hours.

The morning after the ceremony, we met to share our experiences and thus begin to facilitate the integration process.

The Ayahuasca brew served at the Ayaruna Center is prepared in Iquitos under the supervision of Don Francisco Montes and contains Cielo Ayahuasca, Huambisa, Tobacco, Chiric sanango Cielo Piripiri, Altaruna, Canelilla but NOT Datura/Toe ‘.

Logistics of the ceremonies of San Pedro

The day before the first ceremony offers an exhaustive introduction to this medicine and the ceremony. The ceremony begins at 8 am on an empty stomach and lasts until sunset. At some point during the day, it is possible to break the fast with light foods, such as bread, cookies and non-citrus fruits. Around 6 pm dinner is served at the Ayaruna Center.

The morning after the ceremony, we met to share our experiences and thus begin to facilitate the integration process.

If you are interested in any of our retreats, please contact us as soon as possible. We are sorry but we no longer offer individual ceremonies, only retreats.


To register for any of our retreats, click: The information on the site is in English. If you have problems understanding, please contact us directly.