The Ayaruna Center

the ayaruna center

the ayaruna center

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Ayaruna Center is in the process of relocating to the Amazon jungle, a process that will take a couple of years. The new Center will open to the public in May 2020 and we are unable to offer any additional retreats until then without exception, sorry! Thank you for your patience and support!


In order to provide the financial support for the Ayaruna Project and its activities, the Ayaruna Center will be open to the public 6 months every year from May to October. We will be offering exclusively 3-week shamanic plant diets in a uniquely comfortable and safe environment, and with particular care of our guests.

The vision of the Ayaruna Center is to create and sustain a healing space where people from all over the world and of all spiritual and cultural traditions, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and race can most benefit from working with traditional Peruvian plant medicines: a safe space for the healing of the wounds that prevent us from living our full potential as well as the exploration of one’s inner realms and other dimensions.

It is important to be aware that the process we offer is about coming home to ourselves through the mindful and respectful use of these plant medicines, and not an escape from ourselves. Our guests are invited into a deep process and are offered personalized support due to the power and delicacy of such process.

We combine our knowledge and experience in breath work, yoga, Chinese medicine, massage, and various spiritual traditions, together with the shamanic work of plant medicine, and in particular shamanic plant diets, to support people in their process of personal healing, spiritual awakening and consciousness expansion.

The new Ayaruna Center, located 20 kms from Iquitos and a gentle 30 minutes walk from the main road, will consist of 13 comfortable and fully screened individual huts and host a maximum of 10 guests at a time in order to provide the necessary care to each individual. It will also have a large ceremonial space and a building with kitchen and staff’s quarters. The Center has no electricity or WiFi.

The new Ayaruna Center, with its own source of drinking water and three large man-made lagoons, has a wonderfully sweet and nurturing feminine energy and the retreats there will be in alignment with this energy. The land is all secondary rainforest, which means that the fauna that thrives there is fairly innocuous. By creating as safe and comfortable an environment as possible, and by limiting the number of our guests to 10 individuals, it is our hope that our guests, instead of feeling threatened by it, will be spending their time enjoying and receiving from the beautiful energies of this healing place and jungle.

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