The Ayaruna Project

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In January of 2017 the non-profit organization “Asociación Ayaruna”, aka “Ayaruna Project”, was created in Peru by Javier Regueiro and four other individuals that together form the Council of this organization. The main goal of the organization being the preservation of native cultures and their cultural and healing traditions, it seemed important to create a structure that will continue long after our passing. Land ownership by the organization and overseeing by its council members will ensure that the organization remains true to its mission, which is to be of service to the Earth and all creatures.


The vision of the Ayaruna Project is to support the education, healing and awakening of all people, as well as the respectful thriving of all the people involved in its projects and the preservation of native cultural traditions, fully aware that preservation entails also the adjustment to present and future needs and visions.


The goals of our organization are: stewardship of pieces of land in Peru and elsewhere for the benefit of present and future generations education of visitors, donors and collaborators about the natural resources of such pieces of land and the importance of land preservation for the benefit of all living creatures and the thriving of their traditional cultures, creation and support of a culture of self-sustainability whenever possible support the self-empowerment of all people involved in the organization’s projects support through the organization’s own projects and the funding of other institutions of holistic education of children and youth alignment of our efforts with the global movement of awakening ecological and cross-cultural awareness for the benefit of future generations


The organization is run by a council of five individuals who resonate with and are committed to furthering the organization’s goals and vision. Council members offer their council for free but may be compensated as necessary for other activities. All decisions and actions of the organization are taken only with the absolute majority of all council members. It is the responsibility of council members to convince through dialogue dissenting or doubtful opinions. Running costs of the foundation will be kept at a minimum so that donations can be effectively used for the foundation’s projects. Whenever possible we shall look for volunteers for our projects. The foundation will keep a maximum of 50000 U$ as an emergency fund in its bank account. Whenever funds exceed 50000 U$ the foundation will donate the extra money to other organizations and projects that are in alignment with the organization’s goals and vision.


The first project of the foundation is to acquire through donations don Francisco Montes’ Ayahuasca healing center outside Iquitos, Peru, which will be known as the “Ayaruna Center”. The reasons for such purchase are: – to preserve the many medicinal plants growing there and the natural environment as a whole, which risks being converted to agricultural land otherwise. – to preserve and continue the plant medicine cultural tradition of don Francisco Montes – to educate people about the use and importance of the traditional plant medicine culture of the Amazon people

Our goal is to raise 400000 U$, with the possibility for U.S. citizens of making tax-deductible donations. 210000 U$ will go toward the purchase of the land. 130000 U$ will go to the entire reconstruction of all existing buildings on the property, thus making them mosquito-proof for the safety and comfort of our guests and workers. The remaining 60000 U$ will be used for the costs of creating the foundation and the initial salaries of the workers at the healing center.

The new buildings will consist of 13 individual huts, a ceremonial space for Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies, a common dining area to be used also for group meetings, a hut for the preparation of Ayahuasca, a kitchen and staff quarters. This healing center has no electricity but does have its own source of drinking water.

The center needs to have year-round at least three trusted workers in order to maintain the grounds and buildings. Costs of maintenance and salaries is estimated at around 25000 U$ per year. In order to pay for the initial purchase of the land and reconstruction of the healing center we are raising funds through donations. The future guests of the Ayaruna Center will be directly contributing to covering all maintenance costs, thus avoiding the need to look for further donations. The center will operate as a not-for-profit project and all surplus income generated by the center will be used for other projects or donated to other organizations.